At Strategy Property Management, our team is composed of in-office staff, and on-field maintenance professionals, full-service contractors and inspectors. Our core in-office team helps to synchronize tenant placement, maintenance requests, and structural property issues, in an efficient manner, through an integrated web-based portal. We work with individual landlords to manage single properties, along with diverse investment groups, for whom we manage multiple income-producing properties. 



CEO and Founder

Mike is the CEO and founder of Strategy Property Management. He founded Strategy Property Management with an aim to provide solutions to investors and landlords suffering from the variables that often plague rental properties. As a veteran rental home developer, he has first-hand experience in dealing with property management companies, and has personally structured Strategy Property Management around the most important needs of landlords.




Anita is the controller for Strategy Property Management, and has been a valued part of the team since the inception of the company. Anita oversees much of the accounting services, and ensures that all ownership transfers are completed smoothly. She handles insurance issues, keeps records of all tax payments and is the main contact for landlords interested in receiving updates on their properties



Primary Account Manager

Jim is the primary account manager for Strategy Property Management, and handles tenant payment issues. Additionally, he manages the online rental payment program, along with maintenance of the web-based tenant/owner information portal. Jim also heads the incentive program, rewarding our best tenants with incentives such as free televisions and furniture.



Tenant Screening and Placement

Dina holds a variety of roles for Strategy Property Management, the most important of which is tenant screening and placement. She is responsible for first contact with all tenants, and utilizes a multitude of screening processes to ensure that only the most responsible tenants are placed into rental properties. She coordinates all tenant move-ins, and ensures all properties are certified for occupancy.



Maintenance Manager

Moe is the maintenance manager for Strategy Property Management, ensuring all tenant maintenance requests are addressed in a timely manner. He is often making necessary visits to properties that require attention and ensures tenants are fully satisfied, with any work requests placed.




Al assists in tenant screening and placement, but has a primary role in marketing homes for rent and coordinating such listings with various tenant placement services. Al has a history in law enforcement, which greatly diversifies his ability to assist in the rare occurrence of evictions.

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